CSBS is a consortium of the
 and Midwest PBIS Networks.  
To view content specific to your district or project:
  1. Contact your District Study Coordinator to request permission for your email address. 
  2. District Coordinators will send their approval of school staff to the CSBS trainer who should have access to the materials.
  3. CSBS will grant access to those email addresses.
  4. Staff will then get an email with a link to access their section of the website.  (The email address will need to be linked to a Google account. It does not need to be a gmail address. Follow these steps if you need to set up an account).
  5. After your access is granted: Sign-in to this site via the "Sign-in" link on the page footer using your account.
  6. You will now be able to see the pages assigned to your district.